Amazing $1.7m Donated by Poker, DFS Pros in Dan Smith Charity Drive

Опубликовано 6 Январь 2017 Автор: Pokerlistings 240

What started as a pledge by poker pro Dan Smith to match anyone's charitable donations up to a total of $175,000 has snowballed into a huge $1.7 million fundraiser. Smith petitioned friends and peers to donate to humanitarian efforts around the world and when the drive was finished 134 people had contributed. Pushing the total even higher was a pair of brothers who have reportedly been very successful in Daily Fantasy Sports. Martin Crowley had already matched $325,000 in other people's donations and went on to give $200,000 more when the drive reached $1m. Martin's brother Tom then surprised everyone by donating $500,000, bringing the total to $1.7m. Among the recipients of the funds was Against Malaria Fund, a group that distributes mosquito nets in Africa, and the Schistosomiasis Contril Initiative which de-worms children infected with parasites and intestinal worms. Dan Smith has also shared some information on what went into organizing the project to help others create their own charity drives. You can find that at

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